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Live Your Life: August


Back to School Tips

Kids heading back to school? If so, you know how overwhelming August can be. Rolodex wants to keep you organized with a simple timeline to help make back to school as stress-free as possible. Plan now to help kick-off the school year right!

3 Weeks Before:

Visit the school - Get your child and you familiar with where the important rooms are.

Medical Check-ups - Make sure all immunizations and medical records are up-to-date.

2 Weeks Before:

Start shopping - There's lots of back to school buzz - be sure you have your class list on hand if teachers provide them. Make a special trip for school supplies if possible - it's a great opportunity to talk to your child, and who knows - it may became an annual event.

Practice makes perfect - With younger students, start practicing day-to-day tasks such as going through the morning routine, spelling his name, and getting comfortable with drawing and reading time.

1 Week Before:

Attend Orientation - If your school has one, this is a great way to meet classmates and see the classroom before the first day.

Schedule Adjustment - Make sure you set a consistent wake up time this week to help prepare the family for next week and get on the right path.

Day Before:

Pre-pack the Backpack - Cut morning stress by doing it the night before.

Plan an Outfit - Get everything picked out, ironed if needed, and set out the night before.

The First Day!

Celebrate! - Make a special breakfast or treat them to a little surprise they can take with them to school.

Arrive Early - Plan to show up before the bell rings - that way your child is not in a rush to find a seat. If they are riding the bus, make sure they have plenty of time to get to the stop.