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Organize Your Life: Coordinate With Color!

Coordinate With Color!

Research shows color influences your performance in the work place and at home. Rolodex Workspace Accessories provide the perfect setting for integrating color and style into your organization system. Check out these organization tips to start using color to your advantage!

1. Sort papers into categories and select a different color folder for each. Colored folders help reduce time spent looking for particular documents. Adopt the same colors across your entire organization system. For example, always use red to identify priority emails, faxes and projects. Labels, sticky notes, and other supplies are available in assorted colors in supply stores.

2. Control your paper piles with sorters and letter trays - label each tray by category and use a corresponding colored file when archiving these papers.

3. Print important emails and faxes on colored paper to stand out among other documents.

4. Add touches of personality with colorful vases, picture frames or other decorative elements to your workspace setting.