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Organize Your Life: Now is the time to get organized

Now is the time to get organized
January is Get Organized Month and the perfect time to start with a clean, and well organized, slate!

Don't worry though - your "Get Organized" efforts don't have to add to your busy month. Here are a few ideas to help you get your home or office organized based on how much time you have to spare:

Fifteen Minutes:
  • File papers and documents to keep your desktop clear and uncluttered. Use a Rolodex sorter to keep papers you need on hand neatly organized.
  • Do a quick walk through the house to make sure everything is in its place - especially clothes that have made it on to the floor or toys that have wandered away.
  • Clean out your purse, wallet, or workbag and make sure all of your cards are where they belong. A Rolodex business card case is the perfect solution for more organized space if your wallet is overstuffed.
  • If you find yourself on the phone and on hold, use the waiting time to be productive by sorting through your junk drawer or piles of mail. Be sure you shred what you don't need.
Thirty Minutes:
  • Pick one area of a room, a closet or pantry for example, and devote your thirty minutes to this area. Focus is critical with this small amount of time so don't get distracted by other tasks.
  • Update the contacts in your Rolodex card file or business card book to avoid frustration later.
  • Don't forget your car - clean out under the seats, in the trunk and any compartments. Keep a Rolodex Travel Folio in the glove box with your current insurance and registration information for easy access.
One Hour:
  • Create a filing system for your desk and organize all of your existing files, purging any papers you don't need. Establish a system to organize your desktop by using our Rolodex workspace items, such as letter trays and sorters.
  • Pick one room in your house to thoroughly clean - this will make weekly maintenance much easier and quicker. Be sure you organize each room as you clean to double the result!
  • Don't forget your computer. Review emails, files, documents and family photos on your computer and back up important ones or delete what you no longer need.