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Live Your Life: January


With the holiday season behind us, it's time to think about your new year's resolutions.

The key to accomplishing resolutions is planning and integrating the changes into your life.

Consider setting monthly and quarterly goals into your big resolution and get them into your calendar now - this will help make it more manageable and much less intimidating.

We've picked a few of the most common resolutions and shown you how making monthly mini-resolutions can help you accomplish your goal.

Common Yearly Resolutions:

  • Lose weight or increase general fitness.
  • Spend more time with the family.
  • Get promoted or find a new job.
  • Meet with a nutritionist, personal trainer, or other professional to & discuss your personal goals and establish a plan.
  • Plan your family vacation early - this gives you time to save money, plan thoroughly and get everybody involved.
  • Review and document your accomplishments for the past 3 months to make performance reviews easier. This will also help you update your resume when the time comes.
  • Start with 30 minutes and add 15 minutes to your workout each month.
  • Plan family game or movie night once a month and get everybody involved. Let each person have a turn at choosing the activity.
  • Take a career-enhancing course and apply it to your current job.