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Live Your Life: July


Summer Vacation

The summer travel season is upon us, and Rolodex can help take some stress out of your excursion. So, while you're enjoying a swim with the kids, driving across the country, or reminiscing around the campfire with friends, remember Rolodex. You deserve to relax and Rolodex can help keep you organized and safe where ever vacation may take you.

1. Got your Passport?

Always carry your passport in the Rolodex Passport Folio to keep it handy in your bag or pockets. With multiple slots to keep other valuable documents, identification, credit cards or money on hand, you'll never want to travel without it.

2. In Case of Emergencies

When leaving the kids with a sitter, be sure to leave a personal card case or card tray with important numbers. Family doctors, emergency contacts, neighbors, family members - these are all good references to keep with the sitter and kids.

3. Use My Contacts

Don't forget about your co-workers before you leave. Be sure your classic rotary file or business card book is up-to-date if a colleague needs to find a contact while you're out. This is a safer way to stay connected than handing out your computer password. Be sure your personal contact information is in there in case of emergencies.