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Organize Your Life: Organization & Personalization

Organization & Personalization
Add a touch of fun by creating personalized workspace pieces. Fabric, paint, and paper offer opportunities to bring vibrant color into a neutral workspace. Not only will you have an organized workspace, but also a reflection of your personal style! These are low risk ideas, so when your mood changes, your décor can too.

  • For a splash of color - add a coat of paint to your Rolodex Magazine Files. Match them to your color scheme or color code by magazine topic.
  • Fabric storage boxes easily conceal miscellaneous items. Use fabric glue and ribbon to add a personal touch.
  • Liven up your desk by embellishing a Rolodex Deskmate with some fabric or ribbon and craft glue. Use darker colors and prints for a masculine look.
  • Update your desktop by slipping patterned paper under a sheet of glass. This works best with a desktop that has a raised edge.
  • For a unique look, distress the finish on a Rolodex Printer Stand with coarse sandpaper. This is a great trick if the rest of the furniture is already distressed.
  • To amplify your vertical space, line the inside of a Rubbermaid Office Solutions wall file with a coordinating patterned paper. Secure the paper to the wall file with strategically placed dots of glue.
We encourage creativity in personalizing your Rolodex products and offer these ideas as suggestions. We are not responsible for damages that may occur due to changes or alterations you may make to your Rolodex products.