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Organize Your Life: Workspace Organization

Workspace Organization

You might be getting ready to send the kids back to school, take a few classes yourself, or just want a change for Fall. Now is a great time to get your workspace organized and Rolodex can help.

An organized workspace is essential for staying on top of assignments, commitments, and life in general. All the pieces in our workspace collections help organize your space to fit your style.

Be sure to update your rotary file with school, teacher, and new classmate contact information as you get it. This will help when you, or your student, need to get in touch.

Make a place for everything. Magazine files are great for keeping magazines and other reference materials, but they also make great 'mailboxes' for sorting papers to end the daily search for forms, bills or school papers. Create one for each member of your family.

Don't be afraid! You may find yourself using a laptop stand to prop a book to read. If you've found something really works be sure to share your organizational success with us!